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When it comes time to make a move, we know that you are faced with hundreds of difficult decisions. Often, the most difficult task to complete is finding quality moving companies that you can trust to move your belongings. It takes hours of time and plenty of hard work to research all the companies, compare the prices, find the hidden fees, and finally choose a mover. We can help save you both TIME and MONEY. Quickly and easily compare the cheapest national moving companies with one simple click. Spend more time preparing for your move and less time worrying about finding the right movers.

We've done all the hard work for you! We have hundreds of moving companies from all over the country in our database and they have all been pre-screened to verify that they meet licensing, insurance and safety standards at the local and national levels. We've got the best professional movers ready and waiting for you with one easy step.

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Moving across the country has never been "easy", but it's almost more complicated today with the wide assortment of moving choices. Whether it is moving containers, renting a truck, or hiring long distance movers, there is tons of research that needs to be performed before you can be ready to make your move. The easiest place to start is usually with getting a quote for your long distance move from reputable movers. These quotes will help your mover price your move according to whether you are moving just a small load, or lots of furniture and an entire household move. After filling out an online instant moving quote, be sure to ask your moving company about how your moving costs will vary by weight. All movers are required by law to follow a pricing schedule according to their "tariff fees", which they can provide upon request. Also, don't forget to ask about storage options! What's next? It is important to compare your movers by reviewing their online ratings. Moving reviews are a great source of previous customer experiences. Soak up the information, read the tips, and check for previous rates/prices. Don't forget to rate and review your moving service!

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Long Distance Moving Prices

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The average cost of a move will vary considerably. There are a number of factors that will ultimately determine the moving cost. First, moving rates vary across the country depending on the local markets. Second, is distance. The longer your moving distance, the more expensive your move (think of all that fuel). Third, the size of the move. In reality, it has more to do with weight and volume than it does with your house or apartment size. But, as an easy way to predict your moving costs, most online quotes will ask for your "move size" in these terms. Think about it... which is easier to answer? How many bedrooms are you moving? Or... How much does everything in your house weigh? Get the most cost effective long distance moving company TODAY!

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We know that finding trustworthy and cheap long distance moving and storage, isn't always easy. We're here to help make the process easier for you. Our simple system matches your particular moving needs with professional moving companies to give you great prices and options to choose from.

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